Meet Our Staff


Ken Langley

Senior Pastor
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Pastor Ken loves his job!  And he often says so, to the church staff and to the congregation.  Since 1997, he has been Senior Pastor, utilizing his exceptional skills of preaching and teaching the Word to feed and shepherd the CCC church body.  His other responsibilities are the customary duties of a senior pastor – among them counseling, visitation, and leading the church staff and Elder Board.

When he’s not preaching, he’s applying his Doctorate of Ministry in Preaching (from Denver Seminary) to teaching homiletics as an adjunct faculty at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, or furthering the cause of preaching by serving as president of the Evangelical Homiletics Society.  In short, he loves preaching!

He also loves the outdoors – hiking the mountains in Colorado, vacationing on the beach – and is often spotted walking to or riding his bike to work.  He is devoted to his wife Jennifer, and their seven children, their spouses, and his 7 grandchildren.

Pastor Ken, other than the Bible, what has most impacted your life? “Hands down, The Lord of the Rings. Whatever is in second place is so far behind I can’t even see it.”


Terri Allen

Director of Children's Ministries
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Terri joined CCC staff in 2011, first as Fine Arts Coordinator, and then as Director of Children’s Ministry in 2012.  Her passion for children is what  makes her so good at what she does, as her love and joy for Jesus influence everything she does on behalf of the children and children’s staff.  And this woman can throw a party!  From Sunday School picnics, to Valentine’s Day Teas, to a October Hoe-Down, CCC’s kids are kept busy as well as connected and more importantly, are shown Jesus through every event that she plans.

Terri also finds joy in her husband Steve, her daughter Jessica and son-in-law  Stephen.  When Terri is not planning new ways to bless the children of CCC, she enjoys walking and biking by the lake with Steve, and meeting with and encouraging her many friends.


Leo Barnes

Youth Pastor
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Leo has been ministering to junior and senior high students since his hire in 2004, and he is one busy guy!  Through Sunday morning education, youth groups, small group Bible studies, mission trips, service projects and numerous annual retreats, Leo continually sets a high bar to challenge students in their walk with Christ, share their faith with friends and family and model Jesus’ humility through service to others.

Leo manages to fit in grad studies (MA in Youth Ministry Leadership) and a passion for reading and unpacking what he reads with others.  He and his wife Andrea, along with their children Ezekiel, Zoe and Nathaniel, enjoy the outdoors and particularly love visiting waterfalls.

Leo, what book, other than the Bible, has most impacted your life? “ As crazy as this may sound, The Chronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings have the longest ongoing impact in my life.  Every time I read them I am captivated anew by Aslan and Aragorn and am challenged to follow Jesus more fully.”


Mike McDowell

Pastor for Missions
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It would be hard to find anyone with more of a missions passion than our Missions Pastor Mike McDowell.  Since 2000, Dr. Mike (PhD in Religion and Society) has shepherded the mission team and our mission partners around the world, building on his prior experience as a missionary in Indonesia and the Philippines.

His co-worker in the kingdom is his wife, Donna – together they have raised their children Daniel, Jennifer and David who are all now married and they have three granddaughters and a grandson.   If he is not sharing the gospel or preparing others to do so, you will find him serving as the local police chaplain, police and fire commissioner for the City of Zion, or on the links perfecting his golf swing.

Mike, what is the most unique situation you have been in?  “Actually, there are many so I’ll choose one.  Being on a commercial flight over triple canopy jungle in Indonesia and having the pilot say he is lost.  Not only that but he managed to lock himself out of the cockpit while the plane was on autopilot.  He had to break the door down with an axe to get in and fly the plane!”


Dean LaBelle

Worship Director
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CCC’s Music Minister, Dean LaBelle, a pretty unique guy.  During the week, Dean maintains a successful accounting practice, and serves part-time as the choir director and worship leader on Sundays.  Dean and his wife have four daughters and a son-in-law. 


Drew Wicklund

Pastor of Adult Ministries
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Drew began his ministry at CCC in September 2016. As Pastor of Adult Ministries, his mission is to equip men, women, and families of all ages to follow after and make disciples for Jesus Christ. He is passionate about teaching the Word of God and seeing lives transformed by the Gospel. Drew serves our Young Adult, Men’s, Women’s and ABF ministries.

Prior to joining the CCC staff, Drew earned an M.Div. from Denver Seminary and a B.A. from Trinity International University, where he also played four years of college baseball. In fact, Drew’s always up for a lively discussion about baseball. Drew and his wife Anna, along with their son David, enjoy staying active.

Drew, other than the Bible, what book has most impacted your life? Like many others, The Lord of the Rings. Since being introduced to it in 2006 I’ve made an effort to read it annually, each time discovering something new.  


Sheri Jesiel

Business Manager
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Sheri has served as Business Manager at CCC since June of 2003, and wears many hats.  She manages the office staff, the Building and Grounds department, and shepherds all of the business and financial needs of the church.  Basically, she is a numbers nerd, and proud of it!   Her treasures are her 3 adult children and her 4 grandchildren and when not hanging out with them, you might see her whizzing by on her bike, or enjoying any activity which requires being outdoors.


Eliel Rojas

Pastor of Hispanic Ministries & Evangelism
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In response to our church’s vision to “extend the welcoming love of God in our multi-ethnic community”, Eliel Rojas was hired as our first Pastor of Hispanic ministries in 2007.  Pastor Eliel serves our Hispanic members in many different ways, among them teaching the Spanish Adult Bible Fellowship, translating the worship service, hosting social events, teaching ESL classes, and counseling in Spanish.  But he’s not limited to just Spanish-speaking ministry, serving to coordinate CCC’s Outreach programs, including visitor follow-up, counseling, leading new member classes, and hospital visitation.

Prior to joining the staff at CCC, Eliel served as a missionary in Paraguay with his wife Lori and also served as pastor to a Hispanic congregation in Melrose Park, IL.  Eliel attended the Bible Seminary of Mexico where he obtained a bachelors degree in theology and then went on to grad school at Moody where he earned his M.A. in Intercultural Studies.  He also has counseling training from the Institute for Nouthetic Studies.  Since coming to CCC his family has grown to include his three children, Lorelle, Eliel Joseph and Adam.


Dale Stewart

Director of Camping Ministries
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Dale is the long-term Director of Camping Ministries at Camp Zion in Door County Wisconsin. Assisted by his wife Carol, Dale is responsible for the year-round operation of the camp extending to all summer camp sessions and year-round retreats. There is not enough room on Dale’s head for all the hats he wears as Director; he oversees every activity from marketing, repair, procuring supplies, leading the Camp Leadership Team, and even manages to play the guitar for many summer campfire sessions. Prior to assuming role as Director, Dale served as youth pastor – altogether, Dale has been in ministry at CCC for over 30 years (and he’s still a youngster!). When he manages to slip away from camp, Dale logs many miles on the bike and cross country ski trails of Door County. Dale and Carol have 3 grown children – Greg, Andrew and Rachel.


Melissa Bohringer

Media Specialist/Pastoral Assistant
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Melissa, if you could have dinner anywhere tonight, where would it be? What would you eat and who would you share it with? “I would go to Soon’s Sushi in Kenosha with my husband.  I would order sushi, sushi and more sushi with some seaweed salad! MMMMMmmmm…. Now I am hungry.”


Laura Otterbacher

Front Office Coordinator
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Laura began working at CCC in August 2017, when Jan Tjader retired.  Hers is the first friendly face many see when visiting CCC during the week.  She loves family time, and is devoted to husband Greg and their 2 children.


JC Crawford

Director of Building and Grounds
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JC, what’s the most unique situation you’ve ever been in? “One of two actually: I was 20ft up in a bucket lift, cutting a tree down. The 200lb section I was cutting fell the wrong way hitting me in the head, knocking me out. When I recovered 5 minutes later, I finished cutting the tree down before my boss insisted I go to the hospital. Or… I got shot in the finger with a 16 penny nail the day before Christmas (snowing and minus 10 degrees outside) I had to change a flat tire on my van (with the nail sticking out of my finger) before driving myself to the ER in Crystal Lake.  It’s a toss-up. Both a bit unique.”


Donna Poucher

Director of Zion Conservatory of Music
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Donna has been a music stalwart in the area for many years, contributing her considerable talents in numerous musical venues over the years.  After graduating from Millikin University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Instrumental Music Education, she went on to complete her Masters in Piano Performance.  She assumed the role of Director of the Zion Conservatory in 2008.  You’ll often find Donna at the keyboard as a piano teacher as well as an accompanist for students, musicals, local orchestras, and has even served as director of the Zion Chamber Orchestra in the past.   When she finds time outside of her music responsibilities, she keeps busy with her family and travel.   “My goal in teaching is to help each of my students discover and develop their unique talents and to help channel their musical growth in Christ-honoring and community service venues.”


Wanda Elrod

Fine Arts Coordinator
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Wanda, what is your favorite Bible passage, and why? “My favorite passage of Scripture is Psalm 40:1-3.  I memorized this passage a long long time ago and can relate to it completely.  God says that, ‘… he turned to me and heard my cry.  He lifted me out of the slimy pit,  out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him,’ and that is exactly what He did for me.”