Imitation Faith

by Leo Barnes

Do you have an imitation faith?  I hope so. That may surprise you. If you think of an imitation as something fake, then you would be right to question my desire for you to have an imitation faith.  I don’t mean that I hope that you have a fake faith. But I do hope that […]

Jesus’ First Words?

by CCC

In the late first century, Jesus’ youngest follower, John, wrote down the final biography of Jesus. Do you know what the first words Jesus speaks in that gospel are?  Before you read on, take a look.  You will probably be surprised. Or… you can just read here for the answer, as most of you just […]


by Leo Barnes

It’s everywhere. It’s in our music.  It’s in our books.  It’s in our movies.  It’s in our hearts. If you’re anything like me, then you will relate to this confession: I love stories of revenge.  I love when the bad guy gets what’s coming to him.  I love when evil is met with righteous response. […]


by Jon Wiziarde

This blog entry is by a guest pastor who needs no introduction.  Jon Wiziarde wrote it for his church in Panama. We thought it was worth reprinting for the CCC family.. When I was growing up, going out for track meant being tested in all events and competing in the areas of least incompetence. So, […]

Minors vs. Majors

by Leo Barnes

Early in 2015, regular attenders here at CCC were given the opportunity to submit their suggestions for “sermons Zion wants to hear.” We received so many suggestions that we were unable to include all of them in the Sunday morning sermon series. But we want to honor those requests.  Hence some of them are being […]

Hungry Babies are Persistent Creatures

by Leo Barnes

Hungry babies are persistent creatures.  Even if you have never had the “blessing” of welcoming a young infant into your home, you are probably aware of this fact.  When a baby is hungry, it cries.  If it remains unfed, it cries more… and louder.  If it still remains unfed, it pushes the decibel levels of […]

We All Lead: But to What End?

by CCC

Much is made of leadership in our culture.  We speak of league-leaders who top a statistical list in their given sport.  We elect leaders to positions of political responsibility or student governments.  We understand the that our boss leads us (or is supposed to lead us) on the job. And because much is made of […]

Waging the Culture War

by Ken Langley

In this week’s “Out of Our Minds” entry I refer you to two blogs by others.  The first looks at evidence that the left is not (yet) winning the culture war.  I think this is important because so many Christians are giving up trying to influence the culture.  “It’s over,” they say, “We’ve lost, so […]

Being a Light in the Workplace

by Mike McDowell

I’d like to address one of the topics our congregation brought up for our summer series entitled, “Sermons Zion Wants to Hear”.  Since we couldn’t preach on all the topics we thought we could at least touch on some of the issues via our blog.  So I’m going to address the issue of being a […]

Meaningful Membership

by Ken Langley

Christ Community Church wants to practice meaningful church membership. To call yourself a member of this church ought to mean more than casual or sentimental association. It means that you are a Christ-follower (Acts 2:41,47) who agrees with the doctrinal statement and basis of fellowship of the congregation (see bylaws, below), and that you are […]