The Mystery of the Missing Owner

by Ken Langley

My friend Lee Eclov wrote the following piece, which I thought tailor made for our study of Ephesians 1.  Do you know, child of God, that in Christ God has given you every spriritual blessing?  You’re rich? “The Mystery of the Missing Owner” read the headline on an unusual section of the Chicago Tribune on Sunday, February […]

Throwing Some Cold Water on the Ice Bucket Challenge

by Ken Langley

by Ken Langley I can’t remember when a social media craze took off like the ALS ice bucket challenge.  (For those of you who’ve spent the last few months on Neptune, the ice bucket challenge features people on video having ice cold water dumped on their heads to raise money for research on amyotrophic lateral […]

A Word from a Student…

by Leo Barnes

Sophomore Blake Woods gave the following testimony at the end of senior high summer camp on August 1st.  When I heard it, I felt compelled to share it with all of you for a few reasons: 1)    It gives you a break from hearing my thoughts 2)    It gives you insight into what our students […]

Youth Ministry: A Peek Behind the Scenes

by Leo Barnes

Here’s a small sneak peek behind the scenes of youth ministry.  For the past few months our senior high small groups have been studying through the book of Ephesians.  The following are some of the highlights that one group of high school guys identified at the end of the study: 2:18-20 – It’s amazing that […]

Don’t Believe Heaven is for Real

by Ken Langley

Every now and then someone says it better than I can.  So why reinvent or paraphrase?  Let me urge you to listen to David Platt’s fervent plea that Christians stop buying and reading fictional accounts of heaven and hell and read instead the Word of God on these matters.  Click Here to check out this five-minute clip. […]

Ananias, Boris, and Mordecai

by Leo Barnes

Ananias, Boris, and Mordecai have had a profound impact on the world.  Largely forgotten by history, the faithfulness of these men has led to tremendous fruit for the Kingdom of God through the men whom they led to Christ: St. Paul, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and Billy Graham.  Some men and women are called to public ministries […]

Children of Satan

by Eliel Rojas

We live in a tolerant society that doesn’t tolerate “offensive” language against people who believe and practice things that once were cataloged as wrong. We are told not to say anything negative to these behaviors people practice because it is offensive.  Reading a book this week I saw the offensiveness of the gospel once again, […]

God Made Male and Female, and it was Good

by Ken Langley

A few days ago I saw a news blurb that a female model is now working as a male model.  She didn’t have a sex change operation; she has deliberately altered her appearance and is going for the androgynous look.  Androgyny is the blurring of gender distinctions, an attempt to embody both male and female.  […]

When the Call Seems Impossible

by Eliel Rojas

When God appeared to Moses in the burning bush, he told him, “I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt.” Then, the Lord communicates to Moses that he is going to rescue them through him. God told Moses, “So now, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the […]

Overwhelming Odds vs. Overwhelming God

by Jon Wiziarde

2 Chronicles 13 tells the story of King Abijah of Judah, the great grandson of King David. Abijah and his army had gone out to battle against the army of Israel led by King Jeroboam. Militarily, the prospects of victory could not have been worse for Judah. The Bible tells us that Abijah’s army was […]