Mondays Were Made For Worship

by Drew Wicklund

When you think about worshipping God, what comes to mind? Maybe you’re at church singing hymns. Or maybe you’re at a sold out Chris Tomlin concert with twenty thousand people raising their hands. Or maybe you’re hiking in the woods or alongside Lake Michigan in awe of God’s creation. Or perhaps you’re witnessing the birth […]

Should We Be Entertained By Women Fighting Women?

by Ken Langley

This edition of “Out of Our Minds” is sure to ruffle some feathers.  So be it.  Our culture is chipping away at a Judea-Christian view of manhood and womanhood, and someone (pastors, maybe, if we’re the last men standing?) has to say something.  As a father who’s proud of his strong, fit daughters, I nonetheless […]

A Word of Caution as 2017 Begins

by Leo Barnes

As I write this, 2016 is coming to a close and our nation seems to be getting more divided by the day.  So many people are angry about so many things.  So many people are looking for someone or something to blame for the things that they are angry about.  Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the […]

Do you live for Hevel?

by Guest

Occasionally, the youth ministry newsletter and church blog will come not from Pastor Leo but from a guest blogger.  This month is one of those months.  What a privilege to have two CCC youth ministry graduates, Stephen and Jessica Langley, share their answer to a single question with you.  That question is, “What leads two […]

Why Do We Do What We Do?

by CCC

                There is a lot of confusion these days about why Christians do many of the things that they do and why they don’t do many of the things that they don’t do.  Why do Christians make such a big deal about going to church?  Why pray?  Why don’t many Christians accept the modern day […]

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

by Leo Barnes

Most of us have heard this phrase before: “the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”  It’s simple, memorable, and helpful… unless we’re not sure what the main thing is in the first place.  Then we’re in trouble. Tragically, this is a significant problem in the world and in the church […]

Consistent Sexual Sacrifice

by CCC

Sermon Crumbs from Revelation 14 We’ve spent three Sunday mornings in Revelation 14 and it’s time to move on. But there’s one verse I did not preach but is still worth commenting on: Revelation 14:4 says that the followers of the Lamb keep themselves sexually pure. Is that relevant for the church in our day […]

Imitation Faith

by Leo Barnes

Do you have an imitation faith?  I hope so. That may surprise you. If you think of an imitation as something fake, then you would be right to question my desire for you to have an imitation faith.  I don’t mean that I hope that you have a fake faith. But I do hope that […]

Jesus’ First Words?

by CCC

In the late first century, Jesus’ youngest follower, John, wrote down the final biography of Jesus. Do you know what the first words Jesus speaks in that gospel are?  Before you read on, take a look.  You will probably be surprised. Or… you can just read here for the answer, as most of you just […]


by Leo Barnes

It’s everywhere. It’s in our music.  It’s in our books.  It’s in our movies.  It’s in our hearts. If you’re anything like me, then you will relate to this confession: I love stories of revenge.  I love when the bad guy gets what’s coming to him.  I love when evil is met with righteous response. […]