The Gospel in Death

by CCC

I am a sinner. Jesus died for me and rose again.  He paid the penalty for my sin.  By acknowledging my sin and trusting in Him, in His death and resurrection, I am forgiven and my debt is canceled.  This is the gospel, the good news on which we seek to build our lives. But […]

The Fire in our Mouths

by CCC

As we enter the fall season in the western hemisphere, numerous resources are being poured into Texas, Puerto Rico, and other areas effected by three major hurricanes.  The devastation is overwhelming.  The economic, environmental and personal impact of these disasters is ongoing. But another kind of disaster spent the summer raging across the western United […]

Thoughts on Immigration

by CCC

Writing about any theme that has political implications is difficult. However, our understanding of life should not be based primarily on political, economic, or cultural values. Even though it is unavoidable to be free from them, our understanding of life and the world should be primarily based on the Word of God. Then our answers […]


by CCC

My guest blogger today is Pastor Kevin DeYoung, who  says so well what I have thought about Christians watching “Game of Thrones.”  Worth a read…   I don’t understand Christians watching Game of Thrones. That’s what I said two weeks ago. And a bazillion blog and Facebook comments later, I still don’t understand. This seems like an […]

Serving Others – A Vital Piece of the Youth Ministry Puzzle

by CCC

If you have ever put a jigsaw puzzle together, you know what happens when a piece is missing.  Hours of labor have gone into assembling the picture only to discover that it is incomplete. Youth ministry is very similar.  Imagine a group of teens who grow into adulthood knowing the gospel, understanding theology, sharing their […]

Convinced Atheist Says, “There is a God”

by CCC

CCC member Mike Grigas wanted to share the fruit of some of his reading and encourage others to check out There is a God, by Anthony Flew.  I, too, thought this a worthwhile read, and so devote this blog entry to Mike’s review.  -Pastor Ken Langley     December 9, 2004, the Associated Press reported, […]

Seriously, CNN? The existence of Jesus is an open question?

by CCC

You label people “fringe” and “climate deniers” if they question the prevailing narrative that human energy creation is destroying the planet, but you take seriously people who thinks Jesus never existed?  John Stonestreet of Breakpoint responds.  Here’s an excerpt from his blog: Ah, springtime. Flowers blooming, birds singing, and articles questioning the historicity of Jesus […]

I Just Want to Die: Replacing Suicidal Thoughts with Hope

by CCC

“I just want to die.” Have you ever uttered those words? Know someone who has? Christian or not, we’re all at times capable of feeling an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and despair. Take Job as an example. After suffering incredible loss, he cursed the day he was born and cried out, “Why did I not […]

Review of “The Shack”

by CCC

With the upcoming release of “The Shack” on the big screen, I thought it would be wise to alert CCC readers to some serious theological concerns with this best-seller. Here’s Tim Keller’s take on the book: At the heart of the book is a noble effort—to help modern people understand why God allows suffering, using […]

Without This, You Have Nothing

by Leo Barnes

If you have this, you have everything, even if you have nothing else. If you have everything else, but don’t have this, you have nothing. What is “this?” This has been the question we have been asking our youth lately. Many answers, including many valid answers, have been submitted by our students.  How would you […]