Summer in the Psalms

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Psalm 16 “Everything I Need for Joy”


“You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence,  with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”  (Psalm 16:11) “Hearts on earth say in the course of a joyful experience, ‘I don’t want this ever to end.’ But it invariably does. The hearts in heaven say, […]

“With God in the Ups and Downs”


Sermon Crumbs: The last part of today’s sermon text, Psalm 40:13-17, is almost identical to Psalm 70.  Scholars speculate without consensus on the relationship of these two psalms, but perhaps it doesn’t matter: modern hymnals contain nearly identical lyrics set to different tunes for different occasions; why should Israel’s hymnal be any different?  Also, Psalm […]

“The Lord is a Warrior” Exodus 15

Sermon Crumbs: 1. Hebrew verb tense can be difficult to translate into English. If you compare the NIV with the ESV, you’ll see that the former uses future tense in Exodus 15:13-17, while the later uses future verbs.  The main point of the text and sermon isn’t changed either way. 2. I think the New […]

Psalm 59 – “Drowning Out the Dogs


 Sermon “Crumbs”… Psalm “titles” Before the first verse of many psalms we find something like “Of David,” “for the choir director,” or, as in today’s text, a longer inscription connecting the poem to an incident in the life of the writer.  While some scholars think these titles were added much later to the original poems, […]

Psalm 93 – “An Invitation to Worship the King”


SERMON CRUMBS Songs of the Lord’s kingship – There are two kinds of royal psalms in the Bible – songs about Davidic kings (2, 18, 20, 45, 72, 89, 101, 110, 132, 144) and songs about the divine King. Last week we looked at Psalm 72 and applied that prayer for Israel’s king to our […]