Hard Sayings of Jesus

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Hard Sayings of Jesus “Woe to You!”


As I studied the life of Christ, one impression about Jesus struck me more forcefully than any other.  We have tamed him.  The Jesus I learned about as a child was sweet and inoffensive, the kind of person whose lap you’d want to climb on.  Mister Rogers with a beard.  Indeed, Jesus did have qualities […]

Hard Sayings of Jesus “Love Your Enemies”


Sermon ‘Crumbs’ In worship we’ll read two paragraphs from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, but Pastor Ken will preach from the second of these only: Matthew 5:43-48.  The first paragraph, verses 38-42 are similar in theme, and similarly hard to put into practice.  It helps to know that Jesus uses hyperbole in this section of […]

Hard Sayings of Jesus “Jesus Curses a Tree”


Sermon Crumbs  Here are some Scripture references for those who want to dig deeper into the background for this morning’s sermon. The fig tree was sometimes a symbol for the people of God: Jeremiah 8:13; 24:1-10; Hosea 9:10; 16-17; Joel 1:7; Micah 7:1-6; Luke 13:6-9.  Fruit is sometimes a metaphor for behavior God desires.  See […]

Hard Sayings of Jesus “A Sin God Won’t Forgive?”


Sermon Text: Matthew 12:22-32 “If Jesus was really bringing God’s kingdom into reality, refusing to recognize it means cutting yourself off from its effects, of which forgiveness is one of the chief ones.” (N.T. Wright) “This saying about the unforgivable sin is a wake-up call to the arrogant, not a bogey to frighten those of tender conscience.” (R.T. France) […]

Hard Sayings of Jesus “Jesus and the Rich Young Man”


“I believe it to be a grave mistake to present Christianity as something charming and popular with no offence in it.  We cannot blink the fact that gentle Jesus meek and mild was so stiff in His opinions and so inflammatory in His language that He was thrown out of church, stoned, hunted from place […]