Sermon Crumbs:

1. Hebrew verb tense can be difficult to translate into English. If you compare the NIV with the ESV, you’ll see that the former uses future tense in Exodus 15:13-17, while the later uses future verbs.  The main point of the text and sermon isn’t changed either way.

2. I think the New International Version is an excellent translation, and I’m glad it’s our CCC standard.  But I wish the translators had chosen a better way to render one of God’s names in the Hebrew Bible, Yahweh Sabaoth. This title occurs over two hundred times, and has traditionally been rendered by the English phrase “Lord of Hosts,” indicating that God is Commander-in-Chief of Heaven’s (or, possibly, Israel’s) armies. This warrior aspect of God’s nature is muted by the NIV, which translates the Hebrew “Lord Almighty.” Today’s sermon theme, “the Lord is a warrior,” should be seen every time Yahweh Sabaoth occurs.  –Ken Langley