“He chose David his servant and took him from the sheep pens; from tending the sheep he brought him to be the shepherd of his people.” (Psalm 78:70-71)

Sermon Crumbs-

Today’s text is about Saul and David.

“But there is far more than these two lives involved; there is God’s life – God’s promise and judgments, God’s word and will, God’s sovereignty worked out in the lives of these two men chosen to represent and give witness to that sovereignty on a few hundred square miles of Palestinian soil in the culture of the Iron Age.  This is a history permeated with theology.  The interest of the narrator is not merely in telling us what happened, but in helping us to realize and recognize God in the happenings…

And, in the process of reading this story, we realize that however surely God’s purposes are enacted, they are not accomplished quickly.  God’s rejection of Saul was decisive; God’s choice of David to replace him was decisive; but it took years to effect the transition from the one to the other, during which time it was not at all clear to those within the story how things would turn out.  God does not run roughshod over any of us just to get things done in a hurry.  The Saul/David story supplies a much needed living context, not merely an abstract admonition, for appreciating the urgency of the repeated calls throughout scripture for patience and endurance.”

(Eugene Peterson, First and Second Samuel, pages 91-92)