SERMON CRUMBS “Reversed Thunder,” today’s sermon title, comes from a poem by George Herbert and book title by Eugene Peterson. “Hail, fire, blood” the plagues of Revelation 8-9 recall the plagues God inflicted on Egypt in Exodus 7-12. See, too, sea turned to blood, darkness, and locusts. As God rescued Israel, so he will save his people from any future antichrist. “Heavenly lights smitten” Here’s evidence that the visions of Revelation are not fulfilled in the same chronological order in which we read them, for the heavenly bodies already fell and the sky already disappeared in chapter 6. “Locusts” These are clearly not normal locusts! They are demons, unleashed to torment the unrepentant. They attack people, not vegetation, as literal locusts would. They do so for “five months,” the lifespan of some locust species.