Sermon Crumbs:

Body No other NT writer uses the “body” metaphor of the church like Paul does.  In his epistles this word picture occurs at least a couple dozen times.

Spiritual gifts are discussed in four chapters: Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4, and (briefly) 1 Peter 4.

Christ’s descent in today’s text has been the subject of debate for centuries. Did he go to “the lower parts of the earth,” that is, the grave or Sheol?  Or did he go to “the lower regions,” that is, the earth?  The later seems more likely and is so translated in the NIV.

Psalm 68 – does Paul misquote it?  If you compare Ephesians 4:8 with Psalm 68:18 you’ll notice differences.  But Paul is not quoting verbatim; he’s alluding to the psalm, summarizing the gist of its message for the point he’s making, much like a reporter might paraphrase part of a speech to sum up the whole.