Sermons from August 2014

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“With God in the Ups and Downs”


Sermon Crumbs: The last part of today’s sermon text, Psalm 40:13-17, is almost identical to Psalm 70.  Scholars speculate without consensus on the relationship of these two psalms, but perhaps it doesn’t matter: modern hymnals contain nearly identical lyrics set to different tunes for different occasions; why should Israel’s hymnal be any different?  Also, Psalm […]

“The Lord is a Warrior” Exodus 15

Sermon Crumbs: 1. Hebrew verb tense can be difficult to translate into English. If you compare the NIV with the ESV, you’ll see that the former uses future tense in Exodus 15:13-17, while the later uses future verbs.  The main point of the text and sermon isn’t changed either way. 2. I think the New […]