The missions program of Christ Community Church is based on the premise that the Church exists to glorify God.  Our efforts in mission are directly linked to seeing the non-believing world, both at home and abroad, become worshipers of God.  As part of the overall vision of the church, we see eager people strategically investing a steady stream of resources into making disciples wherever we are positioned to make a difference.  This means:

1.            There is INVOLVEMENT in missions.  This means our congregation is actively praying, giving and going.  We work within a framework which encourages involvement in missions, both short-term and career.

2.            There is PARTNERSHIP with the body of Christ around the world.  This is a supportive, non-dependent relationship where each partner understands and values the contribution made by the other.

3.            There is DISCERNMENT and OBEDIENCE.  This means being attentive to what God is doing and where he is doing it.  We make a conscious effort to know God’s will and respond in the directions he leads us.  We plan and have criteria for ministry, but we make plans with an open hand and let God lead us.

4.            We EVANGELIZE and MAKE DISCIPLES.  If at the end of the day we have not been leading people to trust Christ and are not nurturing and mentoring people, then we cannot say we have done the missionary task.  This does not mean quantity is the only indicator of achievement but that there is an observable obedience to making disciples.

Open the tabs below to view the local and global missionaries that are supported by Christ Community Church.

If you would like more information on our missionaries or ways to contact our mission partners please call the church office.


Love INC (website)

Love in the Name of Christ is a Christian based ministry that partners with churches in Lake County to serve those in need.  An organized way of coordinating efforts between churches, agencies, & government programs to help people.  In everything they do they seek to be Christ-like as they minister through our network of churches to provide furniture, food, clothing, home repair, transportation, & financial consulting services.  They’re committed to the Hope of the Gospel as we minister to families & individuals needs.

Family Resource Center  (website)

The Family Resource Center of Zion ministers to men & women facing issues of unplanned pregnancies by providing spiritual, emotional, educational & material assistance. They offer pregnancy tests, parenting classes, adoption recovery classes, abstinence training, & community referrals, as well as share the love of Jesus with clients.  Services are free & confidential. They are entirely donation-based.

Child Evangelism Fellowship (website)

Child Evangelism Fellowship® is a Bible-centered, worldwide organization that is dedicated to seeing every child reached with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, discipled and established in a local church.  For more than 70 years God’s been using CEF to bring the love of Jesus to children around the world. Through the Good News Club, similar to a high-powered Sunday school held in public schools & neighborhoods, churches can build relationships with children & their parents outside church doors.  Clubs provide the context in which ongoing evangelism and discipleship can occur.

Youth For Christ

Youth for Christ in Zion is focusing on one of their many ministries called Campus Life. Campus life seeks to engage students where they are at.  Building relationships with students to have the opportunity to share Gods love story. We eat food, we play games, we make friends, we discuss life issues and topics using the Bible as our text book.  This year we are meeting at ZBTHS Horizon Campus, Pearce Campus and Zion Central Middle School.

Promised Land Ministries (website)

Promised Land’s mission is to expand God’s Kingdom by supporting churches, schools, and ministries through offering our property and resources to help them grow and thrive. We would love to see our 53 acre park become a “big backyard” for local churches and ministries. It is a scenic location for churches and ministries to host retreats, trainings, picnics, fundraisers, baptisms, and so much more.


ZEMA Missionaries in South Africa – (



Barry & Louise Adkins (Peta-Jade, Nathan)


Richard & Geraldine Akers

Jon & Lauren Emanuelson (Liesl, Evelyn)




Tim & Luann Kuehl


Greg & Carlene Seghers

Luaan & Susanne Goosen (Pieter, Sarah, Katelyn)

Luaan & Susanne Goosen
(Pieter, Sarah, Katelyn)


Paul & Carrie Seelhammer (Luke, Joe, Josh, Abbie, TJ)



Andy & Heather Sullivan

Egypt: Randy & Nancy Capp Capp
Japan: Toshio & Yumiko HaraHara
Mozambique: Anastase & Imaculee Nzabilinda Nzabilinda
Navajo Nation: Leroy & Sue NezNez
  Panama: Jon & Sue WiziardeWiziarde
 Taiwan: Ver & Melody GarridoGarrido
Philippines: Ellie & Divinia Mercadomercado
Philippines: Elmer & Katherine SurigaoSurigao
Guyana: Richard & Amanda JohnJohn
Guyana: Colin & Patricia TroyerTroyer

Daher & Katie Nassar

Tony & Nisreen Nassar

Daoud & Jihan Nassar

 South Africa: Stephen & Jessica Langley 25395849_10159670867275632_225333485079110754_n