The Basics

New Commandment Men’s Ministries mobilizes teams of men to minister to the long-term needs of widowed, single parents and the disabled.

The Objective

To live out the love of Christ through practical acts of service to care receivers and  establish friendships amongst men.

The Nut and Bolts

  • Men are grouped into teams of four.
  • Each team is assigned to a care receiver.  The team returns monthly to the same receiver, extending the ministry over months and  possibly years.  If there is a month where the receiver does not need the team to visit, then the team is encouraged to see if a neighbor could use help.
  • Each team will have one man assigned to call the care receiver the week prior to the service Saturday.  The leader and recipient will agree on projects to be completed, and identify any tools the team will need to bring.  Any supplies purchased will be funded by the care recipient.
  • Every month, the teams will meet at 7:00am at the church for fellowship and to receive a message.
  • At 8:00am, all teams head out to their assigned care receiver.
  • Once on-site, the team will begin by praying with the care recipient.  The men are asked to pray for the street they are working on and to make their services available to other widowed or single parents on the street.  In this way, their ministry often extends into the community.
  • Work runs from 8am through 10am, and the teams can then leave to tend to their families.

The Projects

  • Basic Maintenance – fixing leaky faucets, changing light bulbs, mowing grass, repairing door locks, clearing gutters, blowing out refrigerator coils, changing out storm windows, painting, hauling trash, etc.
  • Development – education on computers, budgeting, biblical discussions
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