Real Problems Require Real Solutions

We believe the Bible is more than a book of facts; its truths are meant to make a difference in our lives. God intends biblical truth to touch and transform every area of our lives. We believe that the Bible speaks to all of life’s problems, and in certain seasons of life each of us may need the careful thought and prayerful wisdom of another to help us make the connections that make a difference.

We believe real and lasting change occurs when people know themselves and their problems within a living and vital relationship with Jesus Christ.

We believe that God has given us all we need to know Him and to live in a way that is pleasing to Him.  All our difficulties may not evaporate.  However, when a person willingly submits to God’s instructions and clings to his promises there is hope and help. There are answers for dealing with whatever you might be facing.

Qualified Counselors

All of our counselors, whether they are pastors or laypersons, have received formal education and training in counseling and the Bible. But the most important qualification of our counselors is that they have come to know Christ out of their own experiences of need. They bring the understanding and compassion experienced in their own relationship with Christ into their care for those who come to them for help.

Counseling Sessions

What can you expect from CCC Counseling Ministry?

1. Privacy. Everything will be held in strict confidence except where, in the counselor’s judgment, there is a biblical requirement to involve others (e.g. criminal activity).

2. Care. Our staff will care for you and treat you with respect.

3. Encouragement toward Christ-likeness. Our staff will encourage you in your successes and exhort you to think and behave in a way that pleases Jesus Christ.

 What does CCC Counseling Ministry expect from you?

1. Be honest. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to help you if you are not honest with us.

2. Do weekly homework assignments that will encourage lasting change.

3. Give us time. Habits were not developed overnight, and new habits will take several weeks to develop.


For more information or to schedule an appointment, please give is a call. We would love to hear from you.