Adult Bible Fellowships

Sunday Morning Bible Study Groups for Adults

At Christ Community Church, we believe one of the primary ways God grows and transforms lives is in the context of relationships. The best place to get connected with other adults is in our Adult Bible Fellowships (ABF). Our ABFs are communities of adults committed to doing life together in a welcoming environment where the Word of God and prayer are given special priority. In addition, many of our ABFs plan fun social and service events throughout the year.

In our ABFs you can expect at least three things:

  1. A place to belong.
  2. A place to give and receive care.
  3. A place to grow in God’s Word.

Our ABFs meet each Sunday morning on campus from 9:00-10:10am (9:15-10:15am July and August). Got kids? Bring ‘em along.  We have wonderful Sunday School programs for ages birth through senior high.  Check out our groups and find one that’s right for you. We hope you’ll join us.


Open to: All Life Stages, Co-ed
Teacher: Karl Sisson; Leader: Colleen Valentine
Meets in: Room F

We are a small group of people who meet weekly to study the Bible and to know others and be known. This is our core commitment. We do this through regular times of prayer, sharing, encouragement, and challenge. Our group strives to be a place where deep fellowship and intimacy are the norm. We value investing in one another’s lives and shared experiences—all the while investing in God’s Word. In fact, each week we seek to understand how God’s Word applies to our daily lives. We keep it fun, too! We’re a bunch that loves to laugh. Our group is taught and led by Karl Sisson and Colleen Valentine.


Open to: All Life Stages, Co-ed
Teacher: Ken Langley; Leader: Andy Flynn
Meets in: Fellowship Hall

Our group meets in the Fellowship Hall for baked goods, coffee, and informal conversation till about 9:10, then moves into a time of prayer for one another (prayer requests are also emailed to everyone a few days later). Each week our study of God’s Word normally digs deeper into the Scripture texts or themes that the pastor is preaching on at the time – we call this “sermon crumbs.” Animated participation is the norm – often there are still hands in the air when we quit at 10:10 – and lots of laughs, though we get serious, too.  Most years, we have brunch a few times and a couple of social events (game nights, pool parties, or dinners). Our group is taught and led by Senior Pastor Ken Langley and Andy Flynn.

Faith Builders

Open to: All Life Stages, Co-ed
Teacher: Mike McDowell; Leaders: Greg Nugent & Linda Humphrey
Meets in: Lloyd Chapel

We’re a community that honors gray hair but it’s not a requirement. We think our group would be a great place for college-aged and young married couples who might benefit from the wisdom and experience of those who have already gone through what they are facing. Pastor Mike does a great job teaching our ABF, with weekly discussion and lively group participation. Currently, we’re digging deeper into the texts of the sermon series. Our group regularly practices the “one another’s” of Scripture – we care for one another, pray for one another and love one another. At least once a quarter we plan breakfast together, and share in good fellowship each Sunday morning. Our group is taught and co-led by Pastor Mike McDowell, Greg Nugent, and Linda Humphrey.

Elevate: Strengthening Marriages & Families

Open to: All Married Couples
Teacher/Leader: John & Heather Patenaude
Meets in: Room C

Our group is committed to strengthening marriages and families. We do this by teaching topics that help us grow in a biblical understanding of God’s perfect design for marriage, as well as understanding God’s role for the family in culture and society. Our group provides mentorship, teaching, community, and a safe place to strengthen your marriage. Elevate is taught and led by John and Heather Patenaude.


Open to: All Life Stages, Co-ed
Teacher: Dave Woodall; Leader: Dave Lehman
Meets in: Seminar Area

We are a small group of committed believers who enjoy rich fellowship as we share our lives together. Our meetings include an extended time of sharing praises and prayer requests, along with a time of group prayer for the individual requests. This is followed by an in-depth study of biblical books, theological themes or special topics. Our group is taught and led by Dr. Dave Woodall and Dave Lehman.

Unidad en Cristo

Open to: Adult Spanish Speakers, Co-ed
Teacher: Eliel Rojas; Leader: Erica Contreras
Meets in: Darms Chapel

We are a group of people whose first language is Spanish. While many of us are bilingual there is something important in having the Word of God taught in our native tongue. We have a variety of ages in our group and are always open to welcoming newcomers. We study whole books of the Bible at a time, alternating between the Old Testament and New Testament. Our group is taught and led by Pastor Eliel Rojas and Erica Contreras.


Open to: All Women
Teacher/Leader: Valerie Dykhuizen
Meets in: Parlor

Our group is unique, in a good way; ask anyone who attends. Our ABF is comprised of all women, and we’ll be the first to tell you that your age doesn’t matter. So if you’re 18-105, feel free to join us. We are open, honest, and trustworthy, and in our group you’ll find a safe place to share your mistakes and joys. We are very genuine and if you stop in at 9:30, you may find us still sharing prayer requests or laughing together. Above all, you will be welcomed. We care for each other and take prayer very seriously – there’s is nothing too serious to share and nothing that’s too trite. You’ll find good teaching, but not just from the designated teacher – everyone contributes. Our group is taught and led by Valerie Dykhuizen.

Young Adults

Open to: All Young Adults, Co-ed
Teacher/Leader: Drew Wicklund
Meets in: Room D

Whether you are a recent high school graduate, college student, young professional, single, or dating—this is the group for you! Come join us as we pursue friendship, accountability, and growth in God’s Word through this transient time of life. In our group you’ll find a place to belong and grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ and others—as well as find support and encouragement for the big decisions of life. In addition to what happens on Sunday mornings, we also occasionally gather for more intimate and intentional bible study and prayer in small groups. Our group is taught and led by Pastor Drew Wicklund.



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