fatherDo you have an imitation faith?  I hope so.

That may surprise you.

If you think of an imitation as something fake, then you would be right to question my desire for you to have an imitation faith.  I don’t mean that I hope that you have a fake faith.

But I do hope that you have an imitation faith.

I mean that I don’t want you to simply have an intellectual faith where you believe all the right things, but all those truths you know stay neatly tucked away in the borders of your mind.

I don’t want you to have an inherited faith where you choose your faith based on what Mom and Dad believe, a faith that you would be content to keep the rest of your days without ever giving serious thought to what you actually believe.

I don’t want you to have an Americanized faith where being a Christian is equivalent to being a citizen of the United States, or a Republican, or a Democrat, regardless of whether the habits of those populations honor God or not.

Rather, I long for you (and I as well) to be imitators of God (Ephesians 5:1) and imitators of Christ (1 Corinthians 11:1).

A significant part of the Christian life is the imitation of Christ, the striving to be like Him. We often call this being “Christlike.”  That’s what I mean by an imitation faith.

Why not take this concept to the dinner table with your family tonight?

Take a look at 1 Corinthians 11:1 and ask “What does it mean to imitate Christ?”

Then note that the verse actually involves Paul, the author, telling his readers to imitate him as he imitates Christ.  In other words, “If you will seek to be like me as I seek to be like Christ, you will be like Christ.”

Mom and Dad, could you say that to your kids with integrity?

Teens, can you say that to your younger siblings, or your classmates, with integrity?

I know I can’t always say that it’s true of me. Therefore, I am forever grateful that Christ died and rose again so that I am forgiven for my un-Christlike behavior and in order to strengthen me to get back up and strive to be like Him.  He does the same for you too.


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