“The purpose of Christ Community Church is to make known and promote the worship of God in obedience to the Great Commission and the Great Commandments.”  This statement is a one sentence summary of Article II of the Constitution of CCC and it embodies what I think is the heart of God’s desire for the church.  We are a worshiping church.  We worship God for the praise of his glory.  Our worship here at CCC is God glorifying, but not everyone has this same desire to be a worshiper of God and that is the reason the church has a mission.


Worship can be compared to a child honoring his parents.  A child  honors his parents not just when he says good things about them but when he incorporates into his life his parents’ ideals, values, purposes and goals.  When we come together in worship on Sunday we are honoring God with the praise of our lips.  We say and sing good things about God and challenge each other to fulfill the desires of God in our lives.  But this is not all that is involved in worshiping God.  We worship him when we live for what he lives for, his glory – over all the earth.  We worship God when we align ourselves with his desire to be worshiped – by all peoples.  David, as a man after God’s own heart, expressed it this way, “Be exalted O God above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth…I will praise you O Lord among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples.” (Psalms 57:5-9)


Pastor Mike McDowell

Pastor of Missions


Please send questions or comments to: mmcdowell@ccczion.org.