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by CCC

Part 2  “Music Old and New”   Periodically, I’ll use this space to offer biblical and practical rationale for why we do corporate worship the way we do at CCC.  The first entry under this heading was about why we don’t extend walk-down-the-aisle-type invitations at the end of the service.  Here’s one on why we […]

Thunderous Whispers

by CCC

When was the last time that you were amazed by your Creator? Were you far away from the glare of civilization with only a billion-billion of his starry worship leaders for company? As you gazed into that velvet, jewel studded, garment synched together by the Milky Way, did you gasp and whisper words of worship? […]

Why I Hate Spray Glitter at Weddings

by CCC

Why I hate spray glitter at weddings! It’s hard (almost) impossible to clean up. It spreads to people who don’t feel the need to sparkle (like me). It’s probably responsible for most of our office computer failures. It’s inhaled and some women’s lungs will eventually turn to shiny chunks of plastic. It’s false advertising … […]