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Christmas – What’s the Big Idea?

by CCC

Every story we encounter through movies, newspaper, books, TV, other people, etc. has a point or big idea that it’s author or teller is trying to communicate. I was reading information on a website that helps parents to teach their children how to find this big idea in the media they hear or watch. For […]

Time To Be Thankful

by CCC

Have you ever considered the irony of Thanksgiving break?  We took a day to reflect on all of the great gifts we have been given… only to turn around and buy more the following day.  It seems to me that we give Thanksgiving less than 24 hours to sink in before we trample each other […]


by CCC

If you were with us Sunday morning December 4, you’ll know that this blog’s title is a twist on the sermon title that morning, “Why We Worship How We Worship.”  In my message I did something unusual: instead of expositing a text of Scripture, I walked us through a typical Sunday morning service and gave […]