2 Peter 1:3-11

Peter’s words strike a shattering blow against complacent Christianity. The Christian life should be characterized by a constant press towards godliness. If you are not striving to increase in the qualities mentioned here, verse 9 makes it clear that you have lost touch with reality; the reality of your salvation. If you are not endeavoring and increasing in Christlikeness you will drift toward being ineffectual and unproductive in your knowledge of him (verse 8). If you suppose that you have grown sufficiently in your faith, if you are content with where you’re at, you have been deceived! Verse nine describes you as “nearsighted and blind.” Verse 10 challenges you to make your “calling and election sure.” In other words, no heart for progress in the things of God may signal that your faith is not genuine. If you do know Jesus, take your faith out of neutral. No coasting!


Jon Wiziarde

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