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by Ken Langley

J.R.R. Tolkien explains how he “translated” The Lord of the Rings from materials handed down to him by the hobbits.  Of the speech of orcs and trolls, the irredeemably evil creatures of Middle Earth, he writes, “Their language was actually more degraded and filthy than I have shown it.  I do not suppose that any […]

What Happens to Missionaries When America is at War?

by Mike McDowell

 “All I can say is that I am very sorry for the way some Evangelical Christians have represented their views about the conflict.”   This was my feeble attempt to respond to questions leveled at me by a group of Evangelical pastors in the West Bank town of Bethlehem.  “We are not all devils here, […]

How Would You Respond?

by CCC

A Letter to Parents and Students at CCC   Perhaps you have noticed that life seems to get busier and busier with each passing year.  If you are a teenager, you probably find that your life is overflowing with opportunities and responsibilities and if you’re the parent of a teenager you may be wondering if […]

Pressing the Point

by CCC

Acts 18:1-8 It seems curious that Acts records the conversion of Crispus the synagogue ruler only after opposition had driven Paul out of the synagogue. Paul’s action and statement appear harsh compared with modern evangelistic methods and yet they may have been the push that Crispus needed. Paul “reasoned” with the Jews, but when reason […]

Some Thoughts on Islam and Terrorism

by CCC

My family and I lived for seven years in the largest Muslim country in the world and have learned something about the people and religion of Islam. One of the things we learned is the vast majority of Muslims in the world are peaceful and peace loving.  In fact, the vast majority of Muslims in the […]

What Jesus Said When the Tower Fell

by CCC

Rarely do I worry about people’s response to my sermons.  Whether due to courage or (more likely) insensitivity, I try to say what Scripture says and “let the chips fall where they may.”  But there was one time I was nervous about listener response to my message – when I preached a sermon “What Jesus […]